August 25, 2008

Article at Political Theatre blog (The Hollywood Reporter)

Judith McHale name-checks Hillary Clinton

DENVER -- Former Discovery Communications president Judith McHale played a supporting role in the early hours of Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention.

McHale, co-chair of the party's Platform Committee, was the first speaker in a long line so far today to mention Sen. Hillary Clinton. Clinton's speech later this week will be one of the convention's highlights, as questions remain over whether her supporters will all support Barack Obama.

McHale -- or, more accurately, Clinton -- received a cheer when she mentioned the New York senator's name.

McHale said the platform would incorporate some of the best ideas "of my friend, Hillary Rodham Clinton" that would be carried to victory by Obama.

While she said she spent most of her career in media companies, she said she was the fourth generation of Democrat in her family and the mother of two Democrats.

"I became involved in this process to help America get back on track," she told the convention.

There's still plenty more ahead, including later tonight a rumored appearance by Sen. Ted Kennedy, who recently underwent brain surgery. There will be, at any rate, a tribute to Kennedy.

Also in primetime tonight, there will be a speech by Michelle Obama that will be covered by all the networks.

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