August 31, 2008

Article at Political Theatre blog (The Hollywood Reporter)

Cable news picking up slack

ST. PAUL, Minnesota - What would we do without the cable news channels?

Faced with the prospect of a no-politics Republican National Convention due to Hurricane Gustav, the cable news channels have picked up the slack. Along with ever-present maps of Gustav rolling north to New Orleans and periodic updates from the Gulf and St. Paul, Minnesota, it seems there's at least some airtime for partisan bickering.

On Sunday night's special live "Hannity & Colmes," U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, outlined why he thought that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had more experience as an executive than Sen. Barack Obama. He also spared with co-host Alan Colmes about Obama's qualifications.

On CNN, Libertarian presidential candidate (and former Republican) Bob Barr spoke to Rick Sanchez live in the Atlanta newsroom. Barr said, among other things, that the GOP was thankful that low-rated President Bush and Vice President Cheney wouldn't share the spotlight in St. Paul on Monday. But he took a shot at the GOP, saying it had no new ideas.

Fox News contributor and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum lauded Sen. John McCain's response to the crisis, saying that it showed the candidate in action better than a convention ever could.

"It's demonstrating that he's a leader," Santorum said.