May 01, 2022

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8 Neurosurgeons Share Their Pre-Surgery Rituals

Tomorrow you have a complicated tuberculum sellae meningioma resection scheduled in your O.R.

How do you prepare, both mentally and physically?

As neurosurgeon Dr. Rahul Jandial discussed on the Life Lessons podcast, he always does a light workout the night before a complex surgery to build up the stamina required for such procedures.

Other neurosurgeons have routines about what they eat, how they wash their hands—even what jingle they sing in their heads—that keep them calm and focused going into a high-pressure surgery.

In this special report, 8 neurosurgeons discuss:

    • The specific rituals they rely on to get in the right headspace
    • How they foster the same calm and focus amongst their support team
    • Their go-to coping strategy if stress starts to peak in the O.R.