July 30, 2022

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My Family Will Fall Apart Without Me

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

My family physician is considering quitting and going to a different HMO, but she needs to work things out with her husband before she makes a move like that.

My physical therapist is very unhappy with his new receptionist. I don’t think he understands how much she contributes to the success of his practice. If they can’t patch it up soon, they may have to go their separate ways and I doubt either of them will be better off.

My urologist has been having panic attacks at work. I have encouraged him to get help, but he is very stubborn.

I’m having trouble with my dentist again. I don’t mind listening to him talk about his grandchildren, but I think he is inventing appointments just to brag to me about them.

I will see my ophthalmologist next week. I have to convince her not to change her son’s school without talking to her ex about it first.

My gastroenterologist is just back from a trip to visit her family in South Africa. Next time I see her, I will get to hear all about it. She gets as much joy in the telling as she does in the visits themselves.

My massage therapist has something wrong with his hands and the doctors have been having a hard time diagnosing it. It could spell the end of his career. He really needs my support right now.

I need to have a heart-to-heart with my pharmacist. She has to be more understanding and supportive of the pharmacy assistants or she will have a full scale rebellion on her hands.

The surgeon who did my last operation quit practicing. I looked online, and it doesn’t seem like he is currently working anywhere. So many surgeons succumb to the stress, and I am praying he is not one of them.

My psychiatrist is in love again. I honestly believe it might work out this time. She is so happy. I don’t want to bring any rain into her life so I have been keeping quiet about the hallucinations.

My in-home caregiver is turning sixty-five and wants to retire, but is worried she doesn’t have enough saved. I have to show her one more time how, with careful budgeting, she can be both comfortable and secure.

Don’t get me started on my cancer support group. I missed some sessions because of COVID and when I returned they were telling each other what to do instead of modeling courage.

And my oncologist just needs to be hugged. Perhaps he did make the wrong career choice, but some decisions cannot be unmade. We have to carry on. I will remind him once again of all the good he does.

My hospice nurse is a beautiful young woman, only twenty-four years old. I am trying to convince her to take her skills to a different specialty. I scold her that she will grow old before her time if she spends too much of her youth with people who are dying.