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Mar 14, 2016
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…not leaving. The best reason for not just deleting my Medium account is that about 1000 of you have chosen to follow my posts here, which means that by just walking away, I am walking away from that audience — something I think would be rude.

So what I will do, I think, is post to Medium the gist of what what I have posted on my blog — that way, if you like it, you can click through and give it a read!

Like this:

As I go around the country having conversations with police agencies and citizens, they’re often as shocked to hear that, in 2013, while 81% of police officers have TASERs, only about a third (32%) have body cameras.

You’d probably expect the body-worn video camera adoption number to have increased to more than 33% of police agencies by this year. So, it’s an interesting data-point that, according to StreetCred Police Killings in Context data, video was only available in 26% of cases in which a police officer killed an unarmed civilian. And while most people know that witness video was crucial to show officers were not truthful with investigators in two cases, most don’t know that in two other 2015 cases video fully exonerated the officers.

What is most surprising is that, in all four of these cases, video was photographed by bystanders or surveillance cameras, not police video

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