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Oct 27, 2016
Published on: Esquire
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Five days ago, SPY published a punch list for Trump Tower, detailing its less than "the best" conditions. Well, guess what? Advocacy journalism works. We returned and discovered that the organization of a certain Presidential candidate who hates the media was actually paying attention.

The garbage and ladder have been removed from the 5th Floor Public Garden and the tipped-over pile of chairs have been set right. Score one for Trump. Unfortunately, the clean-up revealed what the garbage was covering: four missing paver tiles and probable water damage. Net gain: -2.

The Trump pantry door—which had been left open, exposing faux-stainless-steel appliances and boxes on the floor—is now closed. We watched several workers go in and out, assiduously shutting the door behind them each time. Memo received.

Net gain: Unclear. Maybe inside that door stands a gleaming new real stainless-steel refrigerator sitting next to a perfectly-aligned tower of sealed boxes. Or it's the same mess behind that closed door.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in this 5th Avenue jewel, the directory is still blank, the public garden water fountain is still broken and the perfectly-lit display cases are still empty. (Several readers suggested Trump expected to fill them with Emmy awards.)

And finally, some readers accused me on Twitter of "lying" about the broken escalator since lack of movement is hard to discern in a still picture. To alleviate any worries about anti-escalator media bias, here is a video showing the Up escalator between the 2nd and 3rd floors taken yesterday. Yep, still immobile.

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Trump might want to fix that escalator soon. His campaign started with him riding down it. On November 9th, he will most likely have to ride right back up.

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