June 05, 2014

Article at Authory

The Good Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Bad Argument of the Day: Claiming that "liberals" are idiots who either don't know or won't acknowledge that the founders of the modern birth control movement were a bunch of racist eugenicists.

Those who support birth control (and Planned Parenthood) often do know about and acknowledge those roots, including the racist eugenics of Margaret Sanger. As I heard one guy express it: "We. Just. Don't. Care." They see the racism and eugenics of the founders of modern birth control as a personal fault of the individual or a common social fault of the times, and maintain that this has no bearing whatsoever on the merits of birth control.

If you think about it, liberals aren't the only ones who do this. How many of you teach your children that Abraham Lincoln was a racist who signed an Emancipation Proclamation that was deliberately crafted in such a way so that it did not free a single slave?

If you doubt me, read the Emancipation Proclamation. It was a war measure, intended to discourage England from supporting the Confederacy. Only slaves in areas not under federal control were declared "free." Slaves in areas under federal control were "left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued." It was not the Emancipation Proclamation that legally freed the slaves; it was the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution that legally freed the slaves. As for Lincoln's personal racism, read some of Lincoln's thoughts on race relations and colonizing African Americans back to Africa.

Bottom line: Before you cast stones at your opponents to make the argument that the historical roots of the modern birth control movement were evil (which is an argument worth making, but not worth casting stones at opponents in the process), you might want to look at the faults in revered historical figures that you accept because you agree with the end result those men and women achieved.

(Image: Orange trees, Pixabay.)