December 13, 2017

Article at Authory

What Women Want

Pardon me while I rant about this article, written by a woman. She asks her readers:

Do you think the women taking these photos were chained up and forced to have their boobs plastered all over the Internet or television? Do you think the women you see on the news with their legs glossed and their dresses tight are being coerced into dressing seductively?

Do you think the women in Hollywood who show up on the red carpet with plunging necklines, revealing side-boobs, and sheer gowns had a gun pointed at their heads while they dressed?

This woman obviously has a very shallow understanding of the nature of sexual coercion.

It’s not about chains and guns, Madam.

It’s about being told that you won’t get to join the talking heads in front of the camera unless you wear a pound of eye makeup and show a lot of leg.

As Salma Hayek shared this week about her experience with Harvey Weinstein, it’s about being told a project for which you poured in years' worth of resources (your own and others’), not to mention your heart and soul, will be scrapped unless you agree to an unnecessary sex scene with full frontal nudity to satisfy the lust of the omnipotent movie boss.

It’s about knowing damn well that your education, training, and experience won’t make a bit of difference once you can no longer hide your age through plastic surgery. While also knowing your skeezy male costar can grope men and women alike on set and not have to worry about his gray hair, crow’s feet, and belly paunch. He can just move into “character roles.”

Most of all, it’s about knowing that whether you want it or not ultimately doesn’t matter. You can barter your youth and looks, or you can have them exploited, but either way, you ultimately will be judged on them and used for them—consent be damned.

That, Madam, is sexual coercion, and is not something women “want,” although many find themselves having to accept it, at least to some degree.

(Image: Woman walking red carpet; iStock / Used with license.)