March 05, 2020

Article at Authory

A Vote for Life

Suppose you’re a medic surveying No Man’s Land. You have to decide whom you’re able to evacuate for treatment and whom you must make the hard decision to leave behind. You would base that decision on any number of factors, including who (in your admittedly fallible judgment) had the best chance of survival and who you were in the best position to help.

If you’re a thinking, feeling person, you may well be traumatized for the rest of your life, wondering, hoping, you made the right triage choices. But if your job is to triage, then triage you must, commending the souls of those you didn’t believe you could save—at least under these conditions—to God’s infinite mercy. Your choice wouldn’t mean that you didn’t value the lives of those you couldn’t save, or that you didn’t recognize their dignity as human persons. It would just mean that your ability to help was limited.

If you are pro-life and wondering during this election cycle how to balance the claims of unborn children versus those of children in cages, you don’t have to decide which group is “more worthy.” All you have to decide is which group you’re in a better position to help right now.

If Donald Trump loses this election, his successor will be under enormous pressure to immediately begin dismantling the Trump administration’s immigration policies, to stop splitting up families, to release prisoners from the camps, and to reunite children with their families.

On the other hand, neither Trump or a potential successor would be likely to do anything substantive to end abortion in this country. Whatever small gains you imagine Trump might have achieved for the anti-abortion agenda likely will continue under the judges and justices appointed by Trump these past four years to federal benches and to the Supreme Court. But a Trump successor’s policies might reduce the abortion rates, as happened under President Obama.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. But I hope and pray you’ll choose to vote against Trump, and that you’ll understand that you don’t have to abandon your pro-life principles to do so. Rather, I strongly believe that a choice to vote against Donald J. Trump is a choice to vote for life.

(Image: Scrabble tiles spelling out "vote," Pixabay.)