April 09, 2017

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Movies for Holy Week

My movie suggestions for Holy Week. I'm only recommending movies I have actually seen. (Which is why Silence didn't make my list. Haven't seen it yet.)

The Predictables

Of Gods and Men: An amazing movie about the Trappists in Algeria martyred in the 1990s.

The Mission: One of my all-time favorites. It's about Jesuit missionaries in Brazil, ordered to abandon the mission they have built for indigenous people, who are being threatened by slave traders.

Les Miserables: The 2012 film version with Hugh Jackman, who was robbed of a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Jean Valjean.

The Miracle Maker: A stop-motion animated life of Christ. It's made for children, but adults will appreciate it too.

The Unpredictables

Noah: Not your typical biblical movie. I thought it was a great reflection on the frailty of biblical heroes. And I was happily surprised that a movie produced, directed, and written by non-Christians focused on the reality and effects of original sin.

Olympus Has Fallen: Air Force One was the better movie of an American President facing off against terrorists, but this one is a fascinating dramatization of one reason why bad things happen to good people.

Beauty and the Beast: I prefer the new live-action version, but both films are great for reflecting on the effects of sin and our dependence on grace.

The King's Speech: God humbles the mighty and lifts up the lowly.

Not Recommended

The Passion of the Christ: I loved this movie when it was first released, but I don't believe it has aged well. If Holy Week wouldn't be Holy Week for you without a live-action Jesus movie, try Ben-Hur.

(Image: Woman with remote control and popcorn, Pixabay.)