November 16, 2019

Article at Authory

All My Presidents

The first president I remember was Jimmy Carter. I mostly remember that my parents didn’t like him, but he’s been a fine former president.

Ronald Reagan was the president of my childhood. I loved him because I could understand the points he made, he seemed kind, and he had a great sense of humor. In retrospect, he wasn’t a very good president and never should have been elected, but I still have fond memories of him.

The elder Bush was meh. Nothing really stands out about him for me. But he was always my image of a gentleman public servant. He too was a fine former POTUS, and I admired his and Barbara’s marriage.

Clinton. Well, at the time I didn’t like him at all. I was a Limbaugh dittohead. I still think he should have resigned rather than fight impeachment. And, even as far back as the '90s, I believed his treatment of Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power. Today? I can’t say I’m fond of him, but I believe he performed his presidential duties fairly well. If he’d kept his hands to himself and his privates in his pants, he could have been remembered today as a good POTUS.

Dubya? The best thing that can be said about him is that he seems to be a genial man who loves his family. A terrible POTUS—but, fortunately for him, he will no longer be remembered as the worst POTUS of the 21st century.

I was still conservative enough in 2008 to believe the right-wing noise machine’s propaganda about Barack Obama. I ignored him for the first two years of his presidency. It was in watching the rise of the Tea Party and all its attendant evils that I started to appreciate Obama. By the time he left office, I deeply admired him. Not a perfect POTUS, but the best of my lifetime and a great former POTUS. He deserved better than to be followed by Donald J. Trump.

Even after three years of Trump, it’s still difficult to believe that this is where we as a country have ended up.

(Image: Mount Rushmore crumbling in a lightning storm, Pixabay.)