June 24, 2016

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Independence Is Hard Work

And now for a word to the Brexit celebrators on social media. I know, I know, a Yank here. Well, put down the pint glass for a moment anyway and listen up.

So, you think all is well on your Independence Day because the zombies haven't yet arrived and the fireballs aren't dropping from the sky? You think you'll be fine because your own government and countries around the world are right now strategizing for how to deal with this new reality in a way that blunts the worst of the damage?

Wake up, buttercup. Many of our Yank ancestors were pretty damn happy on their Independence Day. That didn't mean that there didn't quickly follow grievous consequences to breaking with Great Britain, in the form of your Redcoat ancestors—not to mention the years of war and generations of country building that followed. It took over 150 years after that fine July day before the United States first became a world power. It's not going to be any easier for England to do so again, especially if you lose Scotland and Northern Ireland because of your vote yesterday.

You've spread out your sleeping bag on rocky ground, and now you will have to deal with the mosquitoes, black bears, and possible forest fires where you have chosen to camp. Enjoy the s'mores around the campfire while you can. It's not going to be fun for all that long.

(Image: British flag puzzle piece separated from European Union flag puzzle; iStock / Used with license.)