June 04, 2014

Article at Authory

Your Spouse Isn't Your BFF

My rant for the day: The spouse as "best friend"

Nope, it's not at all beautiful to call your spouse your "best friend." If anything, it is demeaning because it cheapens the marital relationship. You can have many friends throughout your life, more than one of whom could be your closest friend at different times in your life. And you have no obligation to remain friends with these friends if circumstances warrant it.

But a spouse is the person you vow to love, honor, and cherish all the days of your life, forsaking all others, no matter how you feel about it later. To call your spouse your "best friend" puts the spouse on the same level as every other friend you can ditch when life's vicissitudes warrant it.

It may be that a person does marry someone who is his or her closest friend at the time of marriage (i.e., "my best friend"). But once the vows are spoken, that person is now "husband" or "wife," and nothing less.

(Image: Bridal couple displaying rings, Pixabay.)