August 10, 2017

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Converts Start Out as Baby Catholics

Warning: Convert rant ahead.

Remember when you were in eighth grade? All the other kids looked up to you, and you were one of the kingfish in the middle-school pond. Then you went to high school and discovered you were back to being a minnow in the sea. If you were wise, or had wise parents, you quickly learned that this was the natural order of things and that you had to be patient and grow into your new environment. Until you started all over again in college.

Same with converts. Except all too many converts these days seem to forget that they have to start out life as a "baby Catholic." Especially if they were highly educated in their former faith, or a leader in their former religious community, many converts seem to think that the moment the chrism dries they're ready to teach RCIA, found apostolates, start training for ordination, etc.

I always shake my head when I read a conversion story with a blurb at the end that says something like "Susie was received into the Church in 2016. She now teaches RCIA in her parish and leads a chastity ministry in her diocese" (details based on an actual story I recently read but with name changed to respect privacy).

STAHP! Take time to be a baby Catholic. Grow in the faith. I am in no way a perfect convert, but here's my own convert timeline:

I was baptized in 1996. I became an apologist in 2003. I started formation as a secular Carmelite in 2009 and made Definitive Promise in 2015. While it is never easy to wait and grow, and while I didn't purposely delay the steps in my own journey, I'm glad it's taken as long as it has to get where I'm at today (and I still have a long way to go).


(Image: Priest blessing toddler, Pixabay.)