October 15, 2018

Article at Authory

Blaming the Bullied for Standing Up

A sitting senator of the United States is consistently harassed for years by a man, the sitting President of the United States, with the deliberately insulting moniker "Pocahontas." In July, this man tells his supporters that if he faces her in the 2020 election, he plans to challenge her to take a DNA test and will give $1M to her favorite charity if the test shows she has Native American ancestry. He confidently predicts she will refuse to take the test.

So, this senator decided to have the test done. The results showed she did have a Native American ancestor somewhere in her family tree, probably many generations back, just as the stories her family passed down had asserted. (Frankly, it's remarkable that the DNA test could find ancestry that far back. I'm guessing Elizabeth Warren took a more sophisticated test than the kind you buy off Amazon.)

Anyway, the senator then shared the results of the test and challenged her harasser to pay up. She named a charity serving the needs of indigenous women. In response, Donald Trump simply denied ever having said what he said, despite video proof to the contrary.

Okay, fine. Trump is trumping, just as we expected. What boggles my mind is that even liberals on social media are complaining that Warren took the test and shared the results—as if she's wasted everyone's time today by standing up to someone who has harassed her for years. No one cares that Trump was proven wrong, welshed on his promise, and is now denying not only Senator Warren her victory but indigenous women much-needed funds.

Yet we wonder why Trump rolls on with no consequences, and why women hesitate to confront their harassers.

(Image: Line drawing of boys bullying a girl, Pixabay.)