April 11, 2021

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Dr. Paul Taylor-Pitt and…

Dr. Paul Taylor-Pitt and Karen Dumain created ‘Digital tools for doing OD’, a collection of tools and guidelines in response to the fast-changing environment the NHS OD community have been living through in recent months.

This great resource supports this change of work, and offers a wide range of solutions for organisational learning everywhere, so is just as valid for L&D.

Modern Learning professionals will thrive as they create and co-create, taking advantage of the power of connected wisdom.

These tools really help but from my own recent experience, having a tech facilitator or producers can be incredibly helpful to guide us as we work through complex events. I’ve valued working with and learning from people like Jo Cook, Vivien Hudson and Cheryle Walker in this field.

So lets keep sharing this fantastic resource, trying the tools and sharing how they help our practice.

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Digital tools for doing OD