April 20, 2021

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Are your thinking habits…

Are your thinking habits holding you back or serving you well?

Learning leaders love to explore how others think and behave, but how often do we explore the thinking habits that influence our own professional decisions?

Why do we talk about new opportunities for creating business value but stick to the familiar routines? Last year, those learning leaders who had embraced innovative approaches for understanding and adapting to business need could pivot fast whilst many others were running to catch up.

They did not have bigger budgets or better buy in. But the way they think about their value to the organisation, their role within it, their relationship with others and their approach to responsiveness, risk and innovation all impact their response and decisions.

As we work out how to emerge stronger from disruption, it is time to hold up a mirror to our entrenched thinking habits that influence our decisions. Are they holding you back or serving you well?

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Rethinking L&D thinking habits