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Jan 7, 2022
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The 'Hype House' Cast

Remember when we all found out that the Hype House was getting its own reality show? The news feels like it broke 20 years ago, but Netflix has confirmed that it's still moving forward with the project. Just a few years back, members of the content house seemed like they were all over TikTok and a show on a big platform was the next big move.

But now, we're finally getting what we've all been wanting to watch. The Hype House show has finally premiered on Netflix after first being announced a year ago. Ssince so much time has passed, people are wondering: When was it actually filmed? There's a hint in the show if you pay attention.

In the first episode of the show, Hype House member Thomas Petrou says that he moved into the house a year and a half earlier. According to The New York Times, the house was founded in Dec. 2019. So a year and a half later would mean the show was filmed during the summer of 2021. Obviously, a lot of productions were shut down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems as though this show was similarly affected.

Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Nikita Dragun, and Vinnie Hacker

Although the number of people in the Hype House has changed over the years. At one point, there were 21 people who were part of the collective at one time, but a number of people half left the content house over the years. The Netflix show features 10 creators that all have millions of followers on the platform. The house is known for big-name people who used to be a part of it like Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Chase Hudson a.k.a Lil Huddy, Addison Rae, and more.

If you're thinking that the Hype House's Netflix show is just about the cast making TikToks, that's not it. Even in the first episode of the show, we get to know the different members of the house and who they are as people. Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon, for example, are two members of the content house — and they're dating.

On the Netflix show, Alex and Kouvr talked about what it's like managing their relationship while making content about it. "The hardest part of making relationship content is separating the business from the relationship," Alex said. "The line between social media and our relationship definitely blurs," Kouvr said. "Like, not stepping over the line is very difficult to do."

You can watch the first season of Hype House on Netflix now.

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