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Jan 6, 2022
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Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee

In the age of reboots, we've got another one coming up. 20 years ago, the dating competition show Joe Millionaire first aired. It was all about a group of women who competed for the love and attention of a man they thought had a ton of money. The show only lasted two seasons, but now it's coming back with a twist.

In the original Joe Millionaire, there was a host and a butler who helped the contestants through the show. But who's the butler on the reboot? What do they do, and will there still be a host? There will be some changes to this aspect of the show that fans may not expect.

Martin Andrew

According to Variety, the butler and host of the Joe Millionaire reboot is Martin Andrew. He's an actor, musician, author, and celebrity impersonator who has taken on the likeness of singer Rod Stewart since 2004. This gig has had him performing all over the U.S., Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

However, Martin has seen success outside of his work around Rod Stewart. According to his bio on IMDb, he performed in a heavy metal band called Heretic that had success in the 80s. He went solo in 1989 and continued to do well before he began acting. He played Mr. Cogburn in the TV show Blackstone and Barry McAlister in the movie Forbidden Playground.

In Martin's role on the show, just like the butler of the original Joe Millionaire, Paul Hogan, he will act as a guide to the contestants. Although in the first edition, Paul was also accompanied by a separate host named Alex McLeod. This time around, Martin will take on both of these aspects.

Executive producer for the reboot, SallyAnn Salsano, told Variety that she "fell in love" with Martin for the hosting role and that he's a great fit because he leans into the craziness that comes along with filming a dating competition show while also being protective of the contestants. "You’re coming on a reality dating show," she said. "You know stuff’s going to be a little weird. And he owns it."

Overall, the basic premise of both TV shows is the same. Women are contestants on a competition dating show hoping to fall in love and end up with the guy of their dreams. But this is where the main difference between the shows comes in. In the original show, the bachelor isn't actually rich, even though he's portrayed to be that way.

In the reboot, For Richer or Poorer, there are two bachelors. One of them is actually a millionaire while the other isn't. The women on this show don't know which guy is which. The question is posed what is more important: love or money? The contestants won't know which guy has all this money, but the audience watching will know within the first few minutes.

You can watch the two-hour premiere of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer on FOX at 8 p.m. EST.

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