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Nov 19, 2021
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Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce

Over the years, we have seen a ton of cast changes on Grey's Anatomy. Meredith is still our main character, but she's one of the only original ones left on the show. People have quit working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, died, or just tried to start a new life elsewhere. But fans of the show are now concerned because they haven't seen a certain doctor who's been with the show for years.

Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) is the co-head of cardiothoracic surgery at Grey Sloan. But since Season 18 of Grey's began, she hasn't been seen. Some fans are wondering if she quit the show, but there's some real-life news that may be keeping Kelly off the set.

For the start of Season 18 of Grey's Anatomy, Maggie is nowhere to be seen. But a few episodes in, we learn that she's in Boston helping her father recover from hip surgery. In Episode 5, her husband Winston tells Maggie's father, Richard, that he wants to visit her there the following week. They talk about how Winston really misses her and that he's looking forward to seeing her.

Kelly McCreary and Pete Chatmon

But in real life, there's another reason actress Kelly could be taking a step back from the show. She's currently expecting her first child with her husband, director Pete Chatmon. On Instagram, she announced the news in August 2021, holding up a positive pregnancy test.

"Surprise! WE’RE HAVING A BABY," Kelly wrote in the post's caption. "Pete and I are thrilled to be growing our family, and to share the news with all of you!"

Over on his Instagram, Ryan posted the same pics with a similar caption, adding that that he was excited to add the word "dad" to his resume. For now, we don't know when the baby is due. But given Kelly's August announcement, she may have her baby sometime in the spring of next year.

As of right now, it's not clear when Maggie will make her return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But Kelly hasn't said anything about leaving the show altogether, so it's possible that she'll make her comeback sometime after her child is born.

Plus, the actress's most recent post is about the latest season of Grey's Anatomy, so fans are hopeful she isn't leaving the cast for good.

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