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Apr 28, 2022
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Evan Neal

Alabama football player Evan Neal has gained a large fanbase in a short amount of time. He's played for the University of Alabama and is currently a draft prospect for the NFL. Even though it's so early in his sports career, there have been some unsubstantiated rumors about him experiencing some serious health issues.

Injuries are like the kryptonite to athletes, and there are some people saying that he's gotten hurt.

So, what happened to Evan? What exactly is going on with him and his health? Here's what we know.

Evan Neal

Although many of Evan's fans were concerned about his health, his team is letting them know that he's all right. In a tweet, offensive line coach Duke Manyweather called an article that said Evan had "medically flunked" because of some unknown reason "fake news." In fact, Duke said that Evan was "medically cleared" and "hasn't missed a workout since the national championship."

Evan doesn't seem to have any kind of injury. But that hasn't stopped rumors from circulating that something is going on with his health. In an April 2022 article from Sports Illustrated, it's noted that a "good number of clubs" consider him a "notable medical risk" due to unnamed "knee and hip issues."

For now, Evan hasn't responded to any of these claims.

In addition, Duke also confirmed that Evan wasn't asked to do a medical re-check, and according to Pro Football Talk, that's a sign that a player isn't having any issues.

In fact, the publication thinks all of these rumors might be because there's a team that wants to take him for themselves but doesn't have the positioning to take him in the draft when the time comes. That would be a really sneaky way to try to stop teams with higher draft positions from signing Evan Neal to their teams.

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