October 26, 2022

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A message of gratitude from Jeff Collins, president, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals of the Northwest; Imelda Dacones, MD, president and CEO, NorthwestPermanente, P.C.; and John Snyder, DMD, executive dental director and CEO, PermanenteDental Associates, P.C. A year ago, Kaiser Westside Medical Center admitted into our hospital Oregons first COVID-19 patient and our lives, our families, our workplace, and our communities changed forever.Since that diagnosis was made on February 28, 2020, weve witnessed the toll of COVID-19 the trauma, turmoil, economic devastation, and heartbreaking statistics, including that, across the United States, more than 500,000 people have died.It has been a sobering year, but weve seen light within that darkness. And that light is all of you our entire KPNW family of health plan and hospital employees, NW Permanente staff and clinicians, and Permanente Dental Associates dentists and staff.In the shadow cast by COVID-19, youve shown what it means to be at our brightest. Providing the highest-quality, evidence-based care. Adapting as the disease evolved. Redeploying for new roles as our hospitals filled with COVID-19 patients. Shifting member appointments to virtual and focusing on the member and patient experience. Redesigning our buildings and reimagining our service delivery to minimize contact and ensure safety as the pandemic raged on. Through it all, you showed dedication, selflessness, and compassion.Together, in the past year, we learned the true meaning of the phrase space, staff, and stuff. We became more intimately acquainted with personal protective equipment (PPE) than we ever imagined. We pivoted. We redeployed. We tested and were tested. And through it all, we delivered care to our members and patients while also caring for each other.Now, as we continue to advance in our care and understanding of COVID-19, we have great reason to hope. Our numbers of hospitalized and diagnosed patients continue to decline, and our members who once were fearful of pursuing care are scheduling appointments. Many redeployed workers are returning to their normal roles, and were resuming our normal surgical volumes.

A message of gratitude from Jeff Collins president Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals of the Northwest Imelda Dacones MD president and CEO Northwest Permanente P C and John Snyder DMD…