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Jun 17, 2021
Published on: BostonGlobe.com
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David Wilson for the Boston

Quinta Brunson was born around the same time as one of her favorite things: the Internet. And like the Internet, she has kept evolving. From a childhood obsessed with pop culture to young success making her name in Instagram and Buzzfeed videos, to her work as a television producer and actress, Brunson adds a new chapter with the publication of “She Memes Well,” a book of comedic essays drawn from her own life.

“It’s a whole different story in a book,” Brunson said. “Different than writing a TV show, and different than standup, different than sending a tweet. Humor in a book is a delicate dance of being honest with your stories and knowing when to pack that punch of humor.”

Beyond merely entertaining her readers, Brunson said, she hopes the book carries a message. “It’s about embracing change, letting yourself grow,” she said. “What I wanted to give readers, especially young women, was the advice to let yourself change naturally into who you’re supposed to be. With the changing times you’ve got to let yourself be free. See where the winds are taking you.”

Lately, the winds have taken Brunson into creating and starring in a new television show, “Abbott Elementary,” a workplace comedy that will air on ABC this winter. She previously appeared on HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show.”

As for predicting what the pop culture landscape is going to look like this summer, Brunson demurs. “I can’t call it,” she said. “We’re coming back out into the world. I think it’s a really unpredictable time, honestly. I think we’re going into an entire new era in American society. I think a lot of stuff is about to shift. I’m just going to try to ride the wave.”

Quinta Brunson will be in conversation with Nick Kroll at 7 p.m. Monday at Brookline Booksmith.