December 21, 2022

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Is this a Market Economy, Or Not?

Is this a Market Economy, Or Not?
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I must admit to being a huge fan of a market economy. I love being able to buy whatever I want to buy, when I want to. And I love the fact that I have many choices for the same item, so I can decide on quality, price, proximity color, extra features, and a myriad of other variables.

When a market economy has proven to be so effective, why then are some areas of our market completely locked down and closed to competition? Who granted the authority for such restrictive behavior?

Government regulations control market economies to the point of ensuring safety of products, legitimate business practices and correct payment of taxes. These things keep the playing field level.

Education helps consumers and sellers to understand their rights and obligations, for example Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). Ultimately, we are all meant to be personally responsible for our decisions and for the way we conduct ourselves.

But when it comes to Healthcare, none of this seems to apply. Let’s take a look.

The Monopoly of Healthcare in Australia.

Before I begin, I want to say that I am a huge fan of Western Allopathic Medicine when it comes to trauma. The ability of some of those surgeons to rebuild broken and torn bodies is profound.

But when it comes to disease, they have an abysmal record of success.

Our Healthcare system is actually a “disease care” system. It has nothing to do with health. If our medical leaders, who advise and heavily influence government policy, were genuinely concerned about supporting the population to optimize their health, we would be experiencing constant, obvious and far-reaching prevention programs.

However, the only real “prevention” efforts we see from them are early screening programs for cancers, which many cynics would say is “customer mining”.

When was the last time your saw a commercial or public service announcement on television that started with something like, “These are the 6 most common lifestyle habits that will lead a person to being a high risk of bowel cancer” for example.

Some Simple Facts:

  • No person in the world was born with a chronic deficiency of diabetes medications, cholesterol drugs or anti-depressants in their system.
  • In over 99% of cases, diseases are related to lifestyle.
  • Over 19% GDP in the USA is spent on Healthcare, and over 80% of that is spent treating completely preventable diseases. The figures would be similar in Australia.
  • Most pharmaceutical treatments are not designed to cure anything, but to manage symptoms. This means, in many cases, customer for life.
  • Cholesterol Medications, according to independent studies, will prevent cardiac arrest in less than half of 1% of users.
  • Anti-depressants are only effective in about 4% of cases. For the rest, the positive impact is placebo.
  • Antibiotics, whilst killing harmful anaerobic bacteria, also wipe out crucial aerobic bacteria that forms up to 80% of your body’s immune system.
  • For just about every pharmaceutical drug available on the market, there is an effective natural alternative.
  • The birth control pill has not evolved one iota since it’s first inception.
  • Most drugs designed for women are never tested on women. Read that again. Why, because researchers do not want crazy hormonal changes interfering with their trials. Even the lab rats are male.
  • Less than 1% of pharmaceutical research budgets is dedicated to genuine research into women’s health.

The Power of Belief:

Belief is a powerful thing. If you have been indoctrinated to believe that Wester Allopathic Medicine is superior to all other medicines, then you are not likely to trust other forms of medicine.

If your belief is strong enough, you will turn a blind eye to the failures of Western Medicine, like the drugs that do not work, and the extraordinarily high death rate from medical negligence. This is currently the third highest cause of premature death in Australia, behind Cardiovascular Disease and Cancers.

And if your belief is strong enough, you will believe:

  • All other forms of medicine are quackery.
  • If the treatment you are taking fails to work, then you are unlucky and out of options.
  • Doctors know everything there is to know about health.
  • Many diseases are genetic.
  • Medical Specialists deserve to earn massive amounts of money because they save lives.
  • We need more hospitals.
  • We are all living longer than ever before, a sign of the miraculous power of Western Allopathic Medicine.

But a belief is just a belief. Sometimes, it is cool to reclaim some of your childhood curiosity and hang a question mark on the things you believe to be true. After all, people once thought the earth was flat. It was considered undisputable fact that ulcers were caused by stress.

Let’s look at the “We are living longer” belief. That is just not true. But statistics, presented in the right way, can make it look so. Just as a pharmaceutical company can say their cholesterol drug reduces your risk by 36% when the figure is actually one half of 1%, population statistics can also be modeled in a way that tells a happy story.

My Grandson was born this year. How many years is he expected to live. We have no clue, so all we can do is predict. We can however look at the people born in 1900. How long did they live? The average was profoundly impacted by two things; World Wars 1 and 2. Tens of thousands of young men were taken out in their late teens and early twenties. This impacted the average number of years person born in 1900 would live. Many lived passed 100 but many, many died at 18.

For years, we have had significant things contributing to untimely, premature deaths. These include:

  • Vietnam and Korean Wars
  • The Spanish Flu
  • Accidents, including industrial, domestic, and motor vehicle
  • Poor sanitation leading to severe sickness, in small children and older adults.AS Professor Ron Penny said to me back in 2006, “Back in the 1920’s if you made it to 65, you were almost guaranteed of making it to 85, but that is no longer the case”.

Perhaps we are not living longer. Many researchers believe we are dying so much younger than we could live, and still be thriving.

How Did this Belief become so Strong?

Strong marketing campaigns, academic networking, elite society connection, political influence and eventually, profession wealth, gradually led to a greater and greater level of influence in government and education.

For a very long time, non-allopathic medicine disciplines have been shunned and downplayed.

Over time, generations grew up believing that their Doctor is the authority on all things health. Perhaps our fear of death made us want to believe more fully in the infallibility of our medical professionals.

And to be clear, I have met many Doctors of Western Allopathic Medicine who are extraordinarily beautiful and caring people. But many of them, their minds are closed. Indoctrination is a powerful thing.

At some point, the belief became so strong that it became a “knowing” that is so strong that many good people believe that Naturopaths are little more than hoax hawking witch doctors.

In the latter decades of the 20th century, Western Allopathic Medicine firmly entrenched itself in the halls of power and soon, the Medical Industry was dictating all health policy.

This reached a peak of autocratic control during the pandemic that saw the following things happen:

  • Registered Medical Doctors who did not agree to have their patient-doctor relationship invaded with mandatory vaccination orders were struck off and dismissed as conspiracy theorists.
  • Off label, extremely cheap drugs that had previously proven to have positive anti-viral qualities and that had previously been prescribed billions of times, all-of-a-sudden became dangerous and were banned. One of those was quietly “un-banned” in Queensland a couple of months ago.
  • Thousands of people have been severely injured by the vaccines and many have died. Note the case of one of Australia’s most noted and loved Doctors, former AMA President, Dr Kerryn Phelps.
  • Tens of thousands of people who did not feel comfortable with taking a largely untested vaccine were ostracized by family and community and banned from coming to work. It was widely believed that the vaccine would prevent transmission and terms like “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” became common vernacular. Yet, there was never even a single study conducted to test the vaccine’s capacity to cut transmission. There was no data created, and our medical chiefs knew that. But they allowed the misunderstanding to continue to flow as they hoped families and workplaces would force the hesitant to “get the jab”.
  • The Supreme Court in New York recently declared the mRNA Vaccines to not be vaccines and ordered that all people who lost their jobs because they refused the vaccine, were to be re-instated and paid full back pay.
  • Thousands of medical doctors in Australia are preparing to go to war with medical authorities over their actions during the pandemic.
  • Early in the pandemic myself and others lobbied the Government to run information advertisements, like the extremely effective “Life. Be In It.” Campaign, to educate people about enhancing personal immunity. Our please fell on deaf ears.
  • Even now, the Victorian Health Care system is at the point of collapse and yet there are thousands of nurses who are still not allowed to return to work because they chose not to be vaccinated, even with the pandemic being declared to be over.
  • Whilst there is absolute proof that there is more risk to vaccinating children against Covid-19 than not, medical authorities are still arguing a case for mass vaccination in schools.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A close friend of mine who is an esteemed Professor of Medicine lamented to me that medical schools have been hijacked by the drug companies and young Doctors now leave medical school as little more than highly credentialed pharmaceutical sales representatives.

When you read over the AHPRA Website, Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency, it seems to be a clearly balanced field for all forms of healthcare. However, State based “Health Complaints” legislation enacted in most states in the past 10 years is heavily stacked against non-allopathic practices.

Doctors were placed in a sticky situation post vaccine roll-out. Whilst AHPRA threatened deregistration if they did not support the vaccination, Health Departments are telling Doctors they are not protected if vaccine injured patients sue them because it was their duty to seek Informed Consent. There was no information provided to doctors that detailed risks of injury. They have been “hung out to dry” by their own support structures.

Most of the other forms of medicine were made almost redundant during lockdowns because they found it difficult to practice and were certainly not permitted to go anywhere near Covid-19 cases.

How Do We Fix It?

I was sitting with Christopher Ride one day early this year. He was the Liberal Party Candidate for the seat of McNamara in Melbourne, my electorate. He did not eventually contest the election as his party wanted to curtail his declared direction.

We were discussing the entire medical situation and how far it had gone away from genuine care to marketplace domination. He looked at me and said, “How would you fix it?”

My best answer? Extend the Medicare Levy to Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians and Ayurvedic Physicians, and allow the marketplace to take it from there. He looked at me gob smacked and said, “That is frickin genius!” I responded saying, “No! Not genius. It is just that I have been thinking about this problem for 30 years and that is the best I can come up with.

So perhaps I need to ask The Teals. Before the rise of Big Medicine, Mothers were the keepers of Wellness. That was purposely eroded, and that power was taken. There is no doubt that TCM and Ayurvedic practices have considered women’s health equally to men’s for thousands of years. Perhaps it is time to return some balance.

Can we extend the full Medicare levy to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Practitioners? Can we give people the right to choose?

I have a strong sense that the national health care bill will begin to decline and we will no longer need more hospitals.