Jedi and Padawan? Sith Lord and Apprentice? Depends on whether you are a Patriots fan….

It all “depends greatly on” your point of view, I suppose.

For me, having enjoyed exploits of the New England Patriots for all of my 44 years (well, truthfully, not always enjoyed), I was thrilled to see three of my worlds intersect at Walt Disney World.

So, when I see the below picture, I see a Jedi master and his apprentice, guarding the entry to a spaceport.

Others, well, they see something else.

Anyway, check out this tweet from Bob Iger – I believe you’ve heard of him.

It features Tom Brady and Julian Edelman in Jedi robes:

Check out #tombrady and @Edelman11 Jedi Training @WaltDisneyWorld!
Thanks for spending the day with us and congratulations!

Anyway, I usually stay away from “sportsball” here, even though I followed the Boston Bruins around for almost seven seasons. But this one, well, it’s pretty memorable.

I mean, they look the part, no?

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