Interior Photos of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Attraction at Disneyland Hit Twitter

Okay, so it’s late-is on a Friday night (9:00 PM) here in New England, and I get a note from good friend Jack Kendall in, well, old England (where it’s 2:00 AM) saying, “This is awesome…”

And boy was he right! New photos of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Anaheim have surfaced on Twitter :


Picture # 1 From the Disney Cast member magazine…


Picture # 2 From the Disney Cast member magazine…


Picture # 3 From the Disney Cast member magazine…

Obviously, nice work by @sw_edge, and by @dsnynewscast for noticing, but how nice is it to see tangible — official (!?) — interior evidence of Imagineering/Lucasfilm’s progress on the attractions of Black Spire!

Meanwhile, and I was saving this for tomorrow’s #AroundTheGalaxy, but Barron’s has another nice tidbit:

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Disneyland’s New ‘Star Wars’ Attraction

— Barron's (@barronsonline) January 3, 2019

Writer Jack Hough explained:

Barron’s recently spent an afternoon touring Galaxy’s Edge—a first for the press this late in construction—with executives from construction, operations, and “imagineering,” or creative design, along with a Star Wars expert in a holiday R2-D2 sweater. Here are some scattered notes from that visit, including previously unreported details, some of which might be subject to change. For more on how such park expansions fit into a broader transformation of corporate parent Walt Disney, see our cover story, “Working More Magic at Disney,” and our full interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Meanwhile, my biggest take-away is:

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Galaxy’s Edge will open in Disneyland this summer, perhaps by early June. A twin land will open in Disney World later this year. At the Disneyland site, major structures are in place. Walkways and interiors are unfinished, although key set pieces are installed at the attractions.

After a day of listening to news on current events, and lamenting much of it, I am very happy to be sitting here at 9:55 PM writing about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

I just hope some of you are up to read it and start your weekend in a galaxy far, far away….

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