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Jan 25, 2021
Published on: AIER
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Harwood Economic Review

Winter 2021

Table of Contents

AIER Hosts Top Epidemiologists Authors of the Great Barrington Declaration
AIER Staff

If I Ruled the World: A Dangerous Dream
Richard M. Ebeling

Professor Sunetra Gupta on the Perils of Disease Modelling
AIER Staff

Why So Gullible About Government in the Face of Covid-19?
Donald J. Boudreaux

Who Deserves Your Trust in the COVID Debate?
Stacey Rudin

Climate Catastrophism and a Sensible Environmentalism
Joakim Book

The Return of the Flagellants
Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Year of Disguises
Roger W. Koops

Lockdowners Speak with Privilege, and Contempt for the Poor and Working Class
Jenin Younes

The Devastating Economic Impact of Covid-19 Shutdowns
Peter C. Earle and Amelia Janaskie

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