June 28, 2022

Article at respectnews.ca

How many miles do you get per cup of coffee?

I confess: I used to drive faster than the posted speed limit. Ever so slightly of course.

About three years ago it occurred to me that with all the driving I do throughout our publishing area, I might save a few bucks if I slowed down. So I eased up on the throttle and sure enough, I noticed I managed to go a little farther between fill-ups.

I maintained that habit even through the past couple of years, when there have been fewer events for me to cover and less need to travel.

Now I’m absolutely delighted to see people getting together again and I’m back on the road. Of course this happy circumstance coincides with the doubling of the fuel price. Good news, bad news.

You may have seen my car. The rear window is a rolling billboard for the Respect newspaper. I can see out through it, but it appears white from the outside. The slogan at the top reads “Seniors love Respect.”

I can imagine an impatient driver behind me rolling his eyes. “Stuck behind a slow-moving old geezer!”

But truth be told, I’ve found that travelling at the speed limit hasn’t backed up the traffic behind me. Faster-moving vehicles can get by me easily enough, but most drivers seem to share my leisurely approach.

Now I keep one eye on the road, and the other monitors my speed and my fuel-efficiency gauge. On the highway my car manages about six litres of fuel per 100 kilometres travelled, more or less—that’s just over 47 miles per gallon by the old measure. Depending on winds and hills, I can get 5.6 l/100 km, or just over 50 mpg.

Suddenly, at over $1.80 per litre, it matters!

Of course one does not travel by gasoline alone. It’s always wise to have a nice hot coffee on board, too. If you find yourself behind me in the drive-thru, give me a gentle beep and a wave. I can’t buy your gas, but I’ll be happy to buy you a coffee—thanks for reading!