August 23, 2022

Article at Jeff on Authory

Participation: It’s not about the paperwork

There are some gaps in our coverage of the 55 Plus Canada Games, held in Kamloops a couple of weeks ago. Our intent was to get pictures of as many of our local participants as we could, and print the results of everyone from Zone 7 who took part.

The way the provincial and Canada games are organized, the Alberta 55 Plus organization does not list the home Zones of Canada Games participants on their Team Alberta roster. To complicate things, some athletes who qualified for the national meet were unable to go; and some others took their place as alternates.

So we still don’t know who all of our northeastern Alberta participants were.

And as far as competition results go, some sports recorded the scores and times of everyone who participated, while others just listed the medallists.

But we did our best to find our Lakeland and Zone 7 athletes and their results. You’ll find our efforts on pages 12 and 13.

Big thanks to Kamloops photographer Allen Douglas, who tracked down all the athletes he could. He put in a lot of time and tracked a lot miles for us, shuttling from venue to venue trying to catch all the game times. Service above and beyond the call of duty, and the pictures are excellent. Thank you Allen!

Considering the amazing efforts of the 55 Plus organization to host Alberta Winter Games and Summer Games and then send a team to Canada Games, all within seven or eight months, it would be petty to complain about their paperwork. Our hat is off to all the volunteers at every level who create these activities and opportunities.

Local activity resumes right now! Sports associations and seniors’ clubs are getting into the fall swing as the cycle resumes to qualify for Alberta Summer Games a year from now and Winter Games early in 2024. And then Canada Games later that year.

And it’s not all about sports—the 55 Plus movement also has arts, crafts, and cultural components.

It all starts with local participation. Keep playing!