April 05, 2022

Article at respectnews.ca

Back to what we do best

We love to track the important issues of the day, but above all we like to follow community events and report on what seniors (and seniors-to-be) are up to.

In that regard, it’s been two very long years. Events, celebrations, and activities have been hard to find. You may have managed to keep smiling through everything, but I haven’t been able to bring many pictures of smiling faces to our pages.

So I’ve had a terrific time this past couple of weeks. And I’ve eaten well! A pancake breakfast and a perogy supper in St. Paul, birthday cake with the RCAF, and the terrific spread at the Elk Point Allied Arts dinner theatre in Elk Point have seen to it that I don’t wither away to nothing. I’m looking forward to more events like those!

It’s been a genuine joy to travel around the region and attend events again, even if this Covid thaw coincides with a dramatic jump in fuel prices. It’s worth every penny to get back out where people are gathering, whether for fun or fundraising.

And the big city beckons! We provided Alberta’s best coverage of the 55 Plus Winter Games in Cold Lake in 2019, and again for the Summer Games in Medicine Hat. We’re enormously proud of that, and so we will be in Edmonton later this week for the first Alberta Games in almost three years.

This is what we love to do, and it’s what we do best. Older adults are an active, social bunch for the most part; and we share a strong connection to our communities.

What’s the old saying? “Don’t go looking for trouble; trouble will find you.” Bad news will always present itself, but sometimes you have to make a little extra effort to find the good news.

Well, we’ll take that challenge. Enjoy your paper: we have community events, arts, sports, travel, history, good money advice, relevant advertising, a few laughs, and as we like to say, the best puzzle pages anywhere!

And it’s all in the Lakeland’s only locally-owned newspaper.

It’s great to be back doing what we do best!