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Aug 21, 2021
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Every electronic toothbrush makes a lot of claims – to brighten your teeth, improve oral health, combat gingivitis, and more. The ToothWave system makes not only those claims but offers so much more! First introduced in Canada by Silk’n – it is the latest at-home beauty product in a long line of devices trusted by women that the brand has launched for at-home use for hair removal, anti-ageing, feminine health, acne and cellulite, and microderm.

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First unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ToothWave is the first and only toothbrush that uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy. It is comforting to know that RF energy has been used in surgical and aesthetic medical applications for several decades.

toothwave, dental hygiene, overcat, helen siwak, ecoluxluv, lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr

The technology behind Toothwave – DentalRF – was designed to remove tartar. Although current high-end electronic toothbrushes are more than capable of removing plaque, they are not very effective against tartar. The DentalRF sends energy streams between two electrodes, bouncing back and forth over a silicon barrier, eliminating the need for vigorous brushing. It is these charged molecules that destabilize the strong bonds holding the tartar and stains and makes them easier to remove.

The Toothwave is able to cater to larger and smaller mouths with two sizes of brush heads offered. With the click of a single button, the user is able to cycle through three levels of intensity. The brush has a built-in 30-second brushing timer to ensure you hit all four areas of your mouth equally – upper, lower, left, and right. With each pause, you move on the to next area.

Clinical studies undertaken in the US by Salus Research Inc compared the results of two groups over 6-weeks of twice-daily brushing. How did the ToothWave compare to the generic electric toothbrush?

Toronto Periodontist, Dr. Yair Lenga, says that “tartar is inevitable. Plaque mineralizes in nooks and crannies. ToothWave is clinically proven to reach these hard-to-access areas.”

If you are looking for a new and improved way to stay on top of your oral hygiene, ToothWave can be found on their website, TSC.ca, Costco, and Amazon.ca.