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Oct 5, 2021
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Skincare brand Teaology has launched an exciting trilogy of serums that contain real antioxidant organic tea infusions combined with the most powerful skincare ingredients. Included in the set is a Vitamin C Infusion for Brightening, Hyaluronic Infusion for Hydrating, and a Peptide Infusion for Anti-Ageing, these super-concentrated formulas contain active ingredients in functional doses with biocompatible pH for healthy, happy skin. Backed by science and governed by nature, the serums work alone or in concert with each other to care for all skin types throughout the seasons.

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Teaology’s story began in the romantic landscapes of Italy. Cecilia Garofano, a seasoned professional in the European cosmetics industry, had worked many years for the big names in beauty. But ever-present alongside her career stood her unconditional love of tea. Over the years, Cecilia became increasingly interested in the plant’s health-enhancing and potentially beautifying properties. It would be during a trip to Canada, where she discovered tea houses and the tea ceremony, that her idea sparked; she would fuse her professional experience with her passion for tea.

Teaology is cruelty-free beauty that specializes in creating skincare products with the base tea ingredients – black, blue, green, white and matcha tea – each with its own distinctive strengths:

All of their products include polyphenols, vegetal oils, natural active ingredients, essential oils and botanical extracts 100% made in Italy, as well as being free-from paraffins, mineral oils, synthetic colours, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), formaldehyde donors, and phthalates.

The clean vegan formulas contain up to 99% natural origin ingredients and a unique 100% tea infusion with 0% water. The serums can be used alone or combined to adapt to the needs of your skin depending on the time of year or environmental conditions.

teaology serum, beauty, vegan, crueltyfree, helen siwak, ecoluxluv, vancouver, bc, made in italy, yvr

The intensive Vitamin C serum is derived from an Organic Black Tea infusion. Naturally rich in antioxidants, the black tea is combined with biocompatible vitamin C in an impalpable fluid that melts on the skin. This serum counteracts cellular ageing and brightens the skin without the side effects of redness, photosensitization and irritation often associated with products containing Vitamin C.

The rich, silky texture of the Hyaluronic Infusion serum absorbs quickly into the skin leaving no sticky residue. Made from Organic Blue (oolong) Tea infusion and 3 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, the serum is absorbed deep into the dermis providing lasting hydration, better tone, elasticity and lifting action.

Made from White Tea Infusion which is naturally rich in antioxidants, and Multipeptide Complex which stimulates collagen synthesis and hydrates, the Peptide Infusion is a rich, velvety serum with a botox-like action. Tone, firmness and elasticity are improved resulting in fewer wrinkles and smoother-looking, nutrient-rich skin.

Across Canada, the products are available at retailers: Jean Coutu, Brunet, Familiprix, Rexall, Shopper’s Drugsmart, Hudson’s Bay.