October 20, 2022

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Stefano Ricci: Niccolò Ricci Hosts the Master Tailor Event ☆ Folio.YVR Issue 15

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To connoisseurs of men’s designer clothing and sportswear, Stefano Ricci is simply one of the best.

Born with a knack for creating collections of luxury men’s wear, Stefano has built a successful ultra-luxury brand that sells handmade goods produced in Italy. Over the years, the men’s wear and lifestyle brand continues to be a unique family business with roles held by his wife, Claudia, and two sons, Niccolò and Filippo.

Now, as the CEO of Stefano Ricci, Niccolò Ricci is looking to redefine the brand’s priorities, design collections that meet the needs of the modern man and re-engage with existing clients.

Annually, luxury enthusiasts have the opportunity to have their personalized measurements taken by the designer’s master tailor. This season, Niccolò attended the Stefano Ricci downtown boutique, under the expert guidance of Manuel Bernaschek, for the event.

For those passionate about made-to-measure suiting, an appointment with the master tailor is an unforgettable experience. We followed YouTube celebrity Ricky ‘Prince of Travel’ Zhang through the measuring process and cannot wait to see the final product in a few months when the Master Tailor returns for the fitting stage of the bespoke process.

A Passion for Slow Fashion & Ultimate Luxury

“One of the most exciting aspects of the luxury lifestyle is the constant proposal of novelties in a man’s wardrobe and life,” shares Niccolò. “During the pandemic, we all rediscovered the pleasures of being at home and with our loved ones. Clothing became less formal in favour of sportswear that combines elegance with comfort and style. Through this, the new generations have anticipated an increasing need devoted to practicality, thanks to luxurious technical fabrics and trousers with drawstrings.”

Because the pandemic and working from home changed the definition of business attire, the brand chose to pivot its designs. But as the world and offices open up again, Stefano Ricci must transition its styles again.

“I believe there is a return to the previous pleasure of elegant dressing. There is a return to normality within the workspace and environments that cultivate relationships, such as dinners and parties. Thanks to our team’s work in recent months, it is possible to wear soft deconstructed jackets that provide less formal elegance than in the past. However, it is clear how much of a difference style continues to make at important events,” says Niccolò.

Over the past few years, Niccolò was able to spend more time at home. Finding the time to connect with his family, along with operating a highly successful luxury brand, was something he found difficult previously.

“I had the opportunity to pay more attention to my daughter Aurora,” he shares. “We played together, and despite her tender age, she asked me questions that prompted profound reflections. We dreamt of the future together, the return to nature, to beauty. To build a path that increasingly provides the right values regarding what surrounds us—starting from respect and education. I got the strength to plan for the future from these intimate moments.”

While the last few years proved tough on the luxury retail industry in Europe, Niccolò looks to the future with cautious optimism. Between the global pandemic and war in Ukraine, many businesses noticed a geopolitical impact on earnings.

“The year 2023 promises to be a year of growth, supported by the encouraging numbers of 2022, which have recovered to pre-pandemic levels,” reveals Niccolò. “For our company, among the most important investments we are proud of is the new opening in New York, between 57th Street and Madison Avenue. It is a new address that renews the Stefano Ricci proposal in North America, together with Miami, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Vancouver.”

Stefano Ricci for Time Keeping

New to the collection is the Octagon Black Steel Chronograph and many guests opted to try this piece on including international luxury influencer Chelsea Jiang.

The piece interprets the SR World from a sporting perspective. The new timepiece has been constructed in stainless steel, and it presents an assertive aesthetic by virtue of the Amorphous Diamond-like Carbon (ADLC) treatment. In addition to the black tones of the watch, the ADLC gives the habillage a hard surface, resistance to external agents, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties, and a marked dissipation of heat. The visual impact is powerful, supported by the composite architecture of the octagonal case and the dial with a Pavé de Paris finish, which is also reflected on the black vulcanized rubber strap.

At the Vancouver Master Tailor event, Manuel Bernaschek and his guests were treated to many performances by the Max Zipursky Trio and exceptionally talented pianists like Elena Bondareva. All performed on the gorgeous Fazioli Pianoforti F183 in California Walnut that resides in the boutique made available by Showcase Pianos.