August 22, 2022

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Say Good-Bye to the Gym: Get Fit While Having Fun!

Do you feel it is time to break away from the gym and try something new? Vancouver is full of fun and exciting work-outs that make exercising fun and not a chore!

Did you know that less the 5% of adults actually participate in 30-minutes of physical activity a day? How many times have you started going to the gym with well-intentioned plans that unravel after a few weeks? The problem is, for many of us, exercise can be boring and repetitive but it does not have to be.

There are lots of ways to make exercise fun and here are five businesses around Vancouver that may just convince you to get back into a fitness routine.

Pop Queen Cardio – Vancouver

For a fun dance fitness workout with a great playlist that you cannot help but dance to, head to Pop Queen Cardio. Founded by Jared Byrne, this is the hour-long cardio class that will leave you feeling energized and empowered. The routines have repetitive steps to allow you to pick up patterns quickly and focus on letting loose and having fun. The follow the leader style classes at Pop Queen Cardio will keep your feet moving, heart pumping, and prove that anyone can dance.

Rumble Fitness – Yaletown, Mount Pleasant

Rumble Fitness brings the fun of a night out into a workout class with its high-intensity boxing classes. Co-founders Noah Neiman and Eugene Remm launched their unique nightclub meets fight club concept studio in 2016, which has now expanded to four locations across Western Canada. Their full-body workouts are not only great exercise but also a fun experience that will improve your mental health and help you leave all your stresses behind in the ring. With occasional themed classes such as 80s Throwback, Beyoncé Renaissance, and Britney Vs Christina, Rumble will feel more like a party than a workout.

Barry’s – Vancouver

Whether you are joining the gym in person or taking a class from the comfort of your own home, Barry’s can make sure that you never have to miss a workout. Founded by LA-based instructor Barry Jay in 1998, the studio now offers a mobile app with over 1,000 on-demand classes, so that you take a class whenever works best with your schedule. The Vancouver location offers a range of high-intensity workouts that are sure to make you sweat. Barry’s makes working out convenient and easy so that you have no excuses not to go.

Ballet Lounge – Vancouver

If you ever dreamt of becoming a ballerina, Ballet Lounge offers the opportunity to do so with their adult ballet classes. Founded by dancer and fitness specialist Suzy Kaitman in 2016, this studio is ideal for those with no experience, or for returning dancers of all levels. Ballet Lounge offers traditional ballet classes with classical music or ballet fitness with upbeat music that brings even more energy and fun to the art.

Acrofit – Surrey

Acrofit is making fitness fun with its unique acrobatic classes made for all skill levels and experiences. The classes range from aerial silk, aerial hoop, and aerial yoga, to pole, and flexibility for all skill levels. The Surrey studio is outfitted with all the equipment you could need for classes, private lessons or group packages. The studio aims to challenge both your physical and mental limitations and make acrobatics for everyone.

Our feature image is courtesy Pop Queen Cardio!

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