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Apr 5, 2021
Published on: EcoLux☆Lifestyle
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Simple accessories that add that touch of sophistication are the must-haves this spring. Alexandra and Marie-Josée, founders of Horace Jewelry, have been designing the most delicate and sought-after Canadian accessories since 2012.

These two long-time friends and business partners continue to create a wide selection of durable and affordable jewelry that matches any style you plan on rocking on the beach, the patio, or on a Zoom call!

Horace rings, necklaces, and hair accessories are also perfect to gift or to treat yourself with because we all deserve a little shine in our lives right about now.

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Horace has something for all occasions and all budgets.

Not only is there a great variety, but many of these pieces of jewelry are also offered in different colours and sometimes even in sterling silver.

For many people, shopping and making stylish finds is a form of self-care, which provides a nice dose of joy. After all, our businesses here need a little love too!

Always with the aim of expanding their collection and reinventing themselves, Horace has launched several mask chains made of stainless steel, gold plated and even paracord. Perfect for men too, these chains are a very practical accessory and henceforth a new everyday essential. Visit their website to check out the different styles!

Let’s continue to shop local so that Canadian entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams and continue to provide us with unique, high-quality products, year after year!