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Jan 20, 2021
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Vienna was once known as the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, this great city does not need an empire-related status to maintain its unrivalled authentic beauty and cultural level. At the same time, modern Vienna cannot be suspected of being unduly attached to the past. It is a city that looks to the future with confidence and successfully implements the latest achievements in architecture, design, and technology.

The same can be said about Herzfeldhaus, one of the buildings, which has combined the spirit of classical Vienna and ultra-modern luxury amenities. This year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate in Vienna, Austria, is waiting for its new inhabitants.

Quality Construction

Herzfeldhaus was constructed in a classical style in 1869 near the old city wall and became one of the properties that give Vienna its unique appearance and contribute to the city’s cultural wealth.

The Wilhelminian style building was designed by Carl Tietz as a residence for the wealthy businessman Carl Herzfeld. The work of the Austrian painter Egon Schiele inspired the property’s colour concept, while its architecture and interior are shaped by the creative language of the architect Adolf Loos.

Adjacent to the History

The building is located in the city center within close proximity to a number of famous cultural landmarks, including Vienna State Opera, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Musikverein, Albertina Museum, and Ronacher Theatre. The inspiring neighbourhood is enhanced by the philosophers’ corner formed by Hegelgasse, Kantgasse, Fichtegasse, and Schellinggasse.

Drawing inspiration from its environment, Herzfeldhaus itself accumulates creative energy. After having been used as a studio and exhibition space for aspiring artists under the auspices of the Emanuel Layr Gallery for a year and a half, it will continue this creative collaboration in the future.

Herzfeldhaus Suites of Style and Sophistication

During the recent renovation and revitalization, carried out by the developer SG 112 GmbH & CO KG, the historical value of Herzfeldhaus was preserved, while the professional approach and high-quality materials used allowed literally taking the building from the past to the future. The property offers 13 light-filled luxury apartments ranging in area from 52 to 260-square-meters, three top-floor penthouse apartments from 246 to 354-square-meters, and ceilings up to 3.8-meters high, creating an exclusive spatial effect. The residents can enjoy an impressive view of the city.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts particularly enjoyed the beauty and distinct ambience of the huge vaulted cellar, which has been given a second life along with the rest of the building, offers a full experience of winemaking complexity. In this stylish wine cellar and wine tasting space, the designers have developed the ideal environment and conditions to enjoy the most exquisite wines of the Vienna wine region.

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