Get Gorgeous at Green Circle Hair Salons: 5 Recommendations

For many people, the chair at a hair salon is more than just somewhere to sit while receiving services – it is a cradle of connection, not only one-on-one with a trusted stylist but also with the community. These same seats are also where a large amount of beauty-waste is created.

Did you know that in 2021, salons in North America produced about 63,000 lbs of hair, 42,000 pounds of chemicals, and 235,000 pounds of paper and plastic products? That is a mind-boggling amount of waste and why a salon customer named Shane Price founded Green Circle Salons. Price sees the chairs in the salon as tools for social and environmental change!

Meet five metro Vancouver-based hair salons that flaunt their eco-credentials with their membership to Green Circle Salons.

Salon Origins – Downtown

Salon Origins owner Denise Meikle is an award-winning Balayage & Colour Specialist who has been featured in publications like Salon Magazine, Elegant, and Haute Punch. This eco-friendly salon allocates part of the cost of each service to recycling used PPE like gloves. We love that Salon Origins gives back to the community by regularly supporting local charities and mental health fundraisers.

BRUSH salon – Gastown & East Vancouver

BRUSH salon is an inclusive space that provides hair services overseen by top stylists and co-founders Calvyn Cass and Michael Gibson. The salon serves its clients with trusted, high-quality brands and various services, from gender-neutral haircuts and styles to colours and treatments. BRUSH salon is environmentally conscious and is intentional in disposing of its waste in the most ethical manner possible.

Heartbreaker Salon – Kingsway

Heartbreaker Salon specializes in colour, from balayage to ombre, vivids and highlights. They use only high-quality hair care products to ensure the best results for their clients. Founded by Deandra Vaughn, Heartbreaker Salon reduces waste commonly caused by salons by processing cut hair into hair booms for oil spill clean-up efforts. Chemicals are broken down for reuse, and plastics and metals are cleaned and recycled.

Moods – Yaletown

Moods Hair Salon, owned by Tania Becker, has a mission to conserve energy and be environmentally friendly everywhere they can. The salon has eliminated paper communications and utilizes no plastic water bottles, coffee pods or plastic bags. Moods also use energy-efficient lightbulbs in the salon and turn off the lights whenever possible. Only cold water is used when washing towels and gowns and recycles over 80% of their daily garbage, making their day-to-day operations low impact and low waste.

Suki’s – 5 Locations

Founder Suki Takagi, launched her first Suki’s on South Granville in 1972! One of the early adopters of ‘green beauty services,’ Suki’s is also part of Green Circle Salons. This affiliation allows the salon to re-purpose beauty waste like hair, leftover hair colour, foils, colour tubes, aerosol cans, paper and plastics and transform them into a desirable commodity. Locations in Kitsilano, South Granville, Downtown, Victoria, and South Surrey.

Our header photo from BRUSH salon. All images from the companies respective IG accounts.

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