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With a massive increase in demand for private jet services during the pandemic, the team at Verijet remained dedicated to providing first-class services to even the most discerning clients. Their philosophy of consistency and decades of hard work to increase door-to-door travel and to open private aviation to more people, unlocking high-speed travel to be the safest, most efficient airline, for and on the planet.

As purveyors of setting a lower carbon and noise footprints in the United States, the Verijet has recently earned a place in the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Private Jet Service in the USA.

Flying High With A Low Carbon Footprint

The company prides itself on having a significantly lower carbon footprint than most other jet companies. They offer cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing while being able to land in 5,000 airports in the United States. With rates starting at around $3,000 per hour, it is a great option for flights under 90 minutes.

Their impressive Cirrus SF50 jet is an exclusive aircraft that stands alone in being the most fuel-efficient, safest, quietest, and smoothest jet in the sky. Guests can expect luxurious, spacious travel with guaranteed head and shoulder space. Fur babies are also welcome to come on board to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views from the jet that guarantee an unparalleled experience.

A Future-Focused Company

Safety is key at Verijet, and each jet offers a combination of Cirrus Airframe parachutes and a safe return emergency auto land which allows passengers to land the plane safely in case of an emergency. The Vision jet burns a quarter of the fuel compared to other jets of the same class and is the only one that can burn biofuel. In addition to reducing carbon footprints while flying, guests can expect a unique experience that allows them to bypass big, commercial airports. While the company supplies unparalleled jet services in the west and the southeast United States, they are looking forward to expanding in the future.

‘It is an absolute honour and privilege to have been recognized by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and awarded for Best Luxury Private Jet Service in the USA 2021. Our innovative airline company is dedicated to providing high-class and unparalleled service to our clients. It remains imperative that our brand stands for quality, luxury, and innovation and we continue to put maximum effort into our growth,’ Richard Kane, Founder and CEO, Verijet.

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