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May 6, 2021
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In a time when nothing is traditional, engagement ring styles have followed suit. Maison Birks, Canada’s premier wedding and fine jewelry house, has noted a shift in client engagement ring purchases. While single solitaire stones set in white gold remain popular, clients are embracing more adventurous options with unique cuts and bold colours.

“Engagement rings are now more than a symbol of romantic unity,” says Celebrity Wedding Expert Melissa Andre. “People wear their engagement ring every day. They consider it an expression of personal style.”

As a Canadian stylist (born in Toronto), Melissa now resides in Beverly Hills and has styled events for DJ Khalid, The Weeknd, and Victoria Beckham. This collaboration has allowed her inner diamond to shine with styles that are inviting and surprising.

“Brides and grooms are being more adventurous and are less concerned with fitting into the traditional wedding mold,” says Andre. “For example, head tables, large wedding parties, printed invitations and over-the-top wedding cakes were all declining in popularity pre-pandemic.”

There is Nothing Traditional about 2021

With engagement rings becoming less traditional and more personal, both partners are often now involved in the selection and design process. Sharing the special experience together as a couple is important as 50% of partners now shop for engagement rings together compared to 30% in 2018. Similar to the evolving trends in engagement rings, weddings have become more about customization and personal expression.

“Maison Birks offers a Bespoke Program, where clients can work with a designer to modernize an heirloom diamond or gemstone,” says Katie Reusch, Bijoux Birks-Marketing Director. “Bijoux Birks also offers a trade-up program for those who are looking to upgrade their existing ring. Both programs help our clients give new life to their existing pieces, allowing their jewelry collection to grow and change with them.”

Birks Brings the Bling

Bijoux Birks’ extensive selection of engagement rings includes these six stunning beauties!

Socially Distance Diamond Shopping

Bijoux Birks has been part of Canadian love stories since 1879 and continues to be there for life’s most important moments, even in difficult times. During the pandemic, Maison Birks added virtual appointments allowing clients to shop from home. Clients can book a private appointment with a Bridal Expert to assist with selecting that perfect engagement ring over video chat. Appointments can be booked online and clients can continue to shop online 24/7 at MaisonBirks.com and benefit from complimentary shipping across Canada.