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May 7, 2021
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Smoothie Bowl. Two words that inspire desire when mentioned. There is something so basic and urgent about a bowl filled with pureed frozen fruit and topped with all the best that nature can produce. Smoothie bowls are super complete and a wonderful way to get all the fruit you need each day. Delicious, nutritious, and so naturally sweet.

Our favourite at-home go-to recipe for a giant bowl or for two to share is the EcoLuxLiving 6-Minute Smoothie:

Top with sliced fruit, nuts and seeds, and if you want to get wild – small cubes of Sunrise Smoked Tofu. If you skip the nut butter, bananas, and avocado (some people do!), this bowl has less than 500 calories Perfect to pair with a wrap for lunch or as an afternoon pick-me-up!

We love that the smoothie bowl purveyors in the Lower Mainland are constantly mixing things up! Before you order, ask if there is a weekly or daily extra-yummy special or if you can customize a bowl to suit your cravings.

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Those who don’t fancy a big bowl of fruity sweetness, can always check out the veggie smoothie selections. Starting with or adding kale, avocado, and greens, will add a powerful punch of vitamins and really amp up your day!

The Bestie Bowl / Image: @juicetruck

Feature image is another delicious smoothie bowl from Buddha-full Provisions!