EUTHABAG: Dr. Céline Leheurteux Designs Eco-friendly Way to Say Goodbye to Pets

She, therefore, wanted to address these ethical questions by creating EUTHABAG, pet body bags designed in Quebec. They are an affordable and quality alternative that allows owners to end the life of pet companions, who are an essential part of families, in a more respectful and positive way than the process previously put forward. The company aims to improve the experience of euthanasia by providing a body bag that respects the bond between the animal, the family and the veterinary and crematorium teams.

The Right Way to Say Goodbye

The company gives people the chance to organize a real healing ritual to soften the departure of their beloved pet, for example, by writing to their companion on the bag cover or by taking the time as a family to prepare it.

Those who loved the deceased can add the designs with permanent markers. Pet parents can write their last good-byes to their beloved companion to make the bag truly unique and special. Vet teams especially love this feature, because they have that special patient who touched their heart and it makes it hard to say goodbye.

EUTHABAG honours the special bond between pet parents and their companion, but also between veterinary team members and their patients.

“Few people know that before the introduction of EUTHABAG, veterinarians had to keep animals awaiting cremation in a garbage bag. This is absolute nonsense! I couldn’t remain indifferent after putting so much love into the care of these animals. They are so precious to their owners and to put them in a garbage bag seemed like a betrayal of their trust,” says the founder with deep emotion.

Made from recycled materials, free of heavy metals and waterproof, these covers are not only designed to meet the needs of pet owners and veterinarians but also to protect the environment and wildlife, if the animals are to be buried. The drug used for euthanasia is a danger to other animals as well as to the groundwater and soil.

Women-led Compassion

Since its inception in 2016, it is the first company on the market to have developed this type of product. The team is made up primarily of female healthcare professionals, dedicated to helping families and professionals feel better about a pet’s departure, and evolving the ritual of passage in the veterinary care community.

Despite the sadness that can be felt during these difficult times, the company offers a new way of navigating through grief. Filled with love and respect, the cover bags designed by this Quebec-based company are a step forward in improving the practices used and, therefore, giving your companion the honours deserved one last time.

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