September 16, 2022

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Compassionate Culinary: Heirloom Restaurant’s Towering Pancakes & Crispy Tacos

For the uninitiated Heirloom is a contemporary plant-based dining experience with two locations – Vancouver and the North Shore. Owners Gus and Yogi created and maintain a socially conscious menu with products that are locally sourced and organic, fresh and delicious.

Why We Love Heirloom

With a dedication to using thoughtfully chosen ingredients, Heirloom Restaurant focuses on local and world-conscious initiatives. They make good choices (when we don’t always), contribute towards saving the planet, and are happy to support the communities that they serve. Plus, portions are as healthy as the ingredients!

A Weekend Feast at Heirloom

A meal hitting all the notes we craved! Sweet, savoury, crunchy, spicy, smokey, squishy, and crispy. Heirloom has an incredibly balanced menu so that no matter what mood you are in, there is a flavour combination that will satisfy you.

Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes (pineapple dark rum compote, macadamia nuts, coconut kaffir lime butter, cashew cream, pure maple syrup).

Kale Caesar (kale, romaine, o.g. Caesar dressing, cornbread croutons, crispy capers, cashew parmesan, beer chips).

Artichoke Tacos (2 flour tortillas, fried artichoke hearts, red cabbage, dill aioli, pico de gallo, guacamole, served with mixed greens).

Did You Leave Room for Dessert?

Haven’t eaten your fill? Try the dessert menu for that extra kick before heading out the door. Classics like Tiramisu (coffee cream cheese mousse, salted caramel cream, almond praline, and blackberry) and a feature cheesecake, keep most happy but those who want adventure should dig into a Mango Tart (mango and kaffir lime compote, mango curd, toasted aquafaba meringue, oat & sunflower taste, coconut, vanilla, lemongrass ice cream) or the mind-blowing Peanut Butter & Black Current (peanut butter mousse, black currents, blueberry jam, peanut butter sponge, black current sorbet, candied peanuts).

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