July 22, 2022

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Bring On the Veg! Top 5 Plant-based Meal Delivery Services in YVR

Are you finding it tough to stay on track with healthy eating when there are so many take-out app’s on your phone? Maybe it is time to consider a meal delivery service! Our city has a great selection of services that offer plant-based meals with awesome selections and equally easy-to-understand order processes. Whether you thrive on crunchy, crave comfort, or want to try a bite of everything, the five companies below will definitely have something for you.

We crowdsourced our plant-foodie friends and from their awesome feedback created a list of five top vegan meal delivery services operating in the Vancouver market. We chose to narrow the scope to only companies offering plant-based dishes so you know the offerings will not be limited and the possibility of cross-contamination is lower.

How Do I Prepare?

They all offer high-quality and delicious ingredients to help you make healthy plant-based meals at home. Some services include pre-prepped ingredients that can be cooked with a few steps, while others feature fully cooked meals that can be heated up in minutes or even enjoyed on the go.

Here are the five best plant-based meal delivery services (in no particular order) available in the city this summer including our personal favourite – Terracotta Tummy – which we experienced for the first time at Planted Expo!

Planted Meals – Lower Mainland

Founded in 2018 by three busy Vancouver professionals, Michael, Corbin and Natalie, Planted Meals is on a mission to provide people with healthy, economical, and convenient meals. If you are in the workforce, especially in the GVA, you would surely understand the struggle of meal prep and actually choosing to eat healthy on a time crunch. Natalie, the head chef, is a vegan herself and preps all the meals in sustainable packaging that then make their way to you. They deliver to a wide range of locations in the Greater Vancouver Area on both Sunday and Monday.

Manna Menu – Lower Mainland

Manna Menu, founded by Chef Marie Grapé in 2020, offers a curated menu created by a team of chefs and nutritionists to provide meals that balance both nutrition and flavour. They make eating plant-based easy by allowing you to select your meals for the week and then send them right to your door. The delivery service offers safe delivery to the lower mainland in biodegradable and reusable packaging. Manna Foods aims to make eating vegan easy and to create more time to connect with those you love most over a delicious and nutritious meal. Their kits are available with options ranging from 3-7 servings per person per week, with flexible delivery times.

Bee My Guest- Metro Vancouver

Bee My Guest will introduce you to new local chefs and small businesses on their community-based platform that gives chefs an opportunity to share freshly-cooked meals and traditional recipes. Founders Vasu and Sahil are passionate about plant-based food and building community, and they are doing just that by offering to deliver delicious plant-based meals all across Metro Vancouver. Bee My Guest is a great way to discover small businesses and cuisines, all from the comfort of your own home. Pictured above are two women-led local brands we admire – brEAThe Kitchen and Nina’s Pierogis.

Terracotta Tummy- Lower Mainland

Terracotta Tummy was founded by best friends turned business partners Tat and Dani right before the pandemic hit. Despite facing many challenges similar to that of other businesses during the time, they found that their food truck was pandemic-proof and continued to be successful. They started their business with the aim to make vegan food more accessible, affordable and convenient for the community. With the meals being curated by Tat, a holistic nutritionist and professional chef, you can feel confident that the food you are eating is as nourishing as it is delicious. Terracotta Tummy is an easy way to eat vegan and save time all while enjoying amazing meals and supporting a woman-owned business.

Broto Postpartum Meals

Mariana Reis founded Broto after she had her first child and realized how difficult it is for new mothers to cook and care for themselves after giving birth. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, she helps women with a variety of health issues, as well as prenatal and postpartum care. Through her consulting services and now meal service, she aims to create a strong support network for new mothers and to provide them with the best nutritional value possible. Each postpartum bundle includes 4 lunch and dinner servings and 6 snack options and is delivered weekly.

Feature Image of Planted Meals by Giovanna Lazzarini.

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