July 19, 2022

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5 Delicious Destinations to Satisfy Your Ice Cream Cravings At

Ice cream desserts have come a long way! Those who went dairy-free ages ago will remember the futile search for those few plant-based pints hidden in the frozen food section of expensive markets or truly awful low-quality brands that were ‘accidentally vegan.’

Now, one can find a superb market selection, but what if you are out and about in our beautiful city seeking a frozen treat? We have compiled a list of our favourite destinations to satisfy your sweet tooth that create and sell a delicious selection of plant-based desserts.

Our Five Top Places to Get Your Cravings Satisfied!

Softie Co. Vegan Ice Cream – Mount Pleasant

Softie Co. located inside Whisk Matcha Café in Mount Pleasant specializes in delicious vegan scoopable and soft-serve made from premium ingredients. The oat-based ice cream comes in their classic matcha and hojicha flavours which are soy, nut, gluten-free, and completely plant-based. Their summer menu also includes exciting flavours like pina colada, blueberry cream, and pandan coconut. Visit the cool cafe for a sweet treat this summer.

Say Hello Sweets – Chinatown

Say Hello, founded by Naomi Arnaut in 2016 in Chinatown is a great place to stop by for sundaes, sandwiches or pints on a warm summer day. Famous specifically for its delicious ice cream sandwiches, this female-owned shop uses balanced, creamy and rich flavours made from house-made cashew milk and other all-natural ingredients for their vegan ice creams. Owner, Naomi handcrafts deliciousness in small batches with each flavour receiving the utmost care and attention so you can be sure every flavour is equally as scrumptious.

Vegan Pudding Co. Downtown Vancouver

The Vegan Pudding & Co. was founded by couple Sora and Hiro Takayama in 2015. Though it is known for its delicious tiny puddings, the shop has relaunched its secret summer ice cream menu. The business started when Sora asked Hiro to make simple vegan custard puddings for his poetry reading events. The puddings were such a success that the couple started to cater and expand, soon after opening a small takeaway window shop. The quaint, IG-worthy storefront is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver so you can easily get a delicious matcha pudding, mango vanilla, or espresso chocolate chip ice cream whenever those cravings hit.

Perverted Downtown Vancouver, Victoria

Perverted soft serve is not your average ice cream parlour. Founder Jade Ratcliffe opened the doors to her unique concept shop in 2018 here in downtown Vancouver. It offers a selection of vegan cones and soft serve made from oat milk with creative flavours like Chocklit and Punk Cream. Visit the hip and risqué shop this summer for cold treats and an ice cream experience unlike any other at your regular ice cream shop.

Virtuous Pie – Chinatown, UBC, Portland

Virtuous Pie is a restaurant combining many people’s favourites: pizza and ice cream. Whether you want a scoop, a pint, a sandwich or even a flight, the plant-based eatery has something for you. In addition to their popular vegan pizzas, you can satisfy your sweet cravings with their summer ice cream menu featuring flavours like Butter Popcorn, Vietnamese Coffee, Black Forest, Jammie Hendrix, or Piña Colada. This is an ideal spot for a summer date or get-together with delicious vegan bites.

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