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Hey. I'm Hal Niedzviecki. I live in Toronto and I grew up in Maryland. I write about contemporary life and I try my best not to be afraid.

Jul 18, 2014
Published on: Geist.com
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White Lung (Anvil Press) by Grant Buday. This is the comic novel that should have been given to delegates at the WTO in Seattle. The story concerns long-time bakery workers and the plant closure that will soon put them out of a job. Buday registers the shuttered, limited failures and hopes held by his tormented cast of not-quite-caricatures, including the simpering Epp, the drunken Klaus (who sleeps in the basement to avoid his own ambitions), the sexually repressed Stahl, and the reluctant family man Singh. What starts off as an account of pay cuts forced on an ineffectual union ends up as a wide-ranging rumination on what happens when a life and a job suddenly separate. Where were the technocrats plotting the rise of the global economy when Buday's motley crew of drunken workers baked their last loaf?