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Hey. I'm Hal Niedzviecki. I live in Toronto and I grew up in Maryland. I write about contemporary life and I try my best not to be afraid.

Apr 19, 2016
Published on: Broken Pencil
1 min read
Kingdom of Pig

Kingdom of Dog! This self published comic won the Canzine festival’s one-two punch book pitch back in 2015. Now its made its debut in comic book form. Issue one sets us up nicely for the epic post-apocalyptic battle between armoured talking dogs and sentient pigs running around with computers and exhaust pipes on their backs. The pigs are foulmouthed, the dogs talk like medieval knights: “The chocking wind arrives! The hogs are overrun, let us withdraw in victory!”

It’s not entirely clear what’s happening here, but the art is awesome, the battle scenes are vicious and something horrible awaits both hounds and hogs, emerging primeval from the stunted wastes of what’s left of the Earth.

Words by Christopher Lawson, images by Soo Le. Check out the comic at kingdomofdogcomic.com

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