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Aug 19, 2019
Published on: Forbes
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Pebble Beach 2019
Pebble Beach 2019 @EricAdams321

They annual car prom known as the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance, held yesterday on the Monterey Peninsula south of San Francisco, caps off a week of automotive bliss for enthusiasts. Prowling the golf course under the bright sunshine, attendees to the exclusive event (tickets: $500) mingle with some of the most exquisitely restored and maintained vintage and historic vehicles in the world—and some of the most exquisitely tailored men and women ever. Here are some of the show's best offerings in both categories.

Pebble Beach 2019
Lamborghini Miura @ericadams321

The Concours includes familiar categories every year, but also likes to throw in special highlights, including this year the Lamborghini Miura. These magnificent cars, produced between 1966 and 1973, are both extraordinary design achievements, and magnificent drivers' cars.

Pebble Beach 2019
Hot Rod @ericadams321

This year Pebble spotlighted Hot Rods, as well. This is a 1922 Ford Norm Grabowski "Kookie Kar" Roadster Pickup.

Pebble Beach 2019
BMW Vision M Next Concept @ericadams321

BMW brought its vision for the near future of driving to Monterey Car Week, via this striking Vision M Next concept. It hasn't been confirmed for production, but analysts anticipate something very similar to roll off production lines by about 2023. It will be a plug-in hybrid with a 2-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine expected to produce about 600 horsepower. It's interesting that the product isn't being conceived as a pure electric, given the relatively oceanic amount of time between now and 2023, but it's also clear that carmakers aren't quite done with internal combustion engines.

Pebble Beach 2019
Thomas Flyer at Pebble Beach @ericadams321

Some of the most opulent machines in the world were born during the early age of motoring, including this 1909 Thomas Flyer K 6-70 Passenger Touring model.

Pebble Beach 2019
Fans at Pebble Beach 2019 @ericadams321

Hats are huge at Pebble, including a style called "fascinators" that are clipped in rather than worn as a traditional hat.

Pebble Beach 2019
Karma Automotive SC1 Concept @ericadams321

Karma Automotive debuted its SC1 Vision Concept at the show. This battery electric vehicle includes design cues, including a traditional grand-touring configuration, and technologies the company hopes to introduce into its reborn lineup over the next decade.

Pebble Beach 2019
Audi R8 LMS GT2 @ericadams321

Audi's R8 LMS GT2 comes from the Audi Sport customer racing program. It will feature the R8 body but everything else is flicked out and replaced with proper racing gear, including lightweight carbon fiber and a 640-horsepower naturally aspirated V10 engine. It's also lighter than the road car, at just 2,976 pounds—220 lighter than the R8 despite all the extra race hardware.

Pebble Beach 2019
Inspecting a Miura @ericadams321

The attention to detail on the part of the vehicles themselves is extraordinary, as is the attention paid to details by the fans. No rivet is left uncounted by the judges, and now inquiry about vehicle provenance or authenticity left unasked by the attendees.

Pebble Beach 2019
1929 Bentley Tourer @ericadams321

Bentley had a huge presence at Pebble. The company took home the Best of Show, and thrilled spectators dozens of models spanning more than half a century of its production. This is a 1929 4-1/2 liter Vanden Plas Open Tourer.

Pebble Beach 2019
Pebble Beach fans @ericadams321

Spectators at the show include car owners and their friends and family, automotive enthusiasts, and, of course, anyone who simply enjoys posh, fashionable events in which getting there is only half the fun.

Pebble Beach 2019
Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta @ericadams321

Ferrari occupies a special place at Pebble, with its own lawn full of its famous models, from the vintage to the modern. This is a 1958 250 GT Berlinetta, with a V12 engine and a top speed of 166 mph.