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Mar 24, 2021
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#lawyerGreat questions about investment advisor malpractice by lawyer Harold Geller. A slap on the wrist by a self-regulatory organization is not enough.
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#DeborahMorra of #Worldsource has admitted to obtaining, possessing, and using to process transactions 28 pre-signed account forms in respect of 13 clients. The account forms consisted of New Account Application Forms; transfer forms; a Limited Trading Authorization Form; trade tickets and Know Your Client forms. How is this different from fraud? Serious wrongdoings indeed. What about Worldsource's role? Will it be disciplined? Have the investors told that their advisory was breaching rules and may have caused them loses? Were they told to seek independent advice? If not, why not? Wouldn't a failure to warn be a breach of the obligation to act fairly, honestly and in good faith? #IIROC #MFDA #OSC #CSA #time4change