July 10, 2022

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Rogers used Twitter (albeit belatedly) to send messages to customers during the telecom blackout. But what if you have all your services with the company and you can't get on to Twitter?

I thought at first the problem was in our Wifi network and took a walk outside, hoping to pick up the Rogers Internet service. Only when I talked to a neighbour did I find out what was going on. He warned me to carry cash after he was unable to pay by credit card to fill his car with gas. Luckily, he had a $20 bill in his wallet.

With an emergency of this size, we need a better way of communicating to people affected by a telecom failure than using Twitter or Facebook, doing a TV interview or calling customers on the phone. Radio might work, but many of us have electronic speakers (Alexa or Siri) instead. Maybe try announcing it on a public address system. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we should start figuring out how to do it before lives are lost. #rogers #telecomoutage #lackofcommunication #publicsafety #emergencypreparedness

Rogers' reputation is taking a massive hit today.

The ongoing, nationwide Rogers outage apparently began around 2:20 am ET. It took the company nearly 7 hours to issue a statement on Twitter. In addition to the massive inconvenience to millions of residents and business owners, 911 service is also affected. As Rogers sat silent for nearly a third of a day, local police services began stepping up to provide updates to the public via social media.

Social media and the mainstream media are abuzz with harsh comments directed toward the company. Many are vowing to switch providers. However, the angriest of the comments appear to be about the company's lack of communication rather than the outage itself.

As a leader, while you may not be able to control the circumstances of the crisis, you CAN control your company's response. Speed and transparency cost $0.00 to deploy. This is a leadership fail.

#reputationmanagement #crisismanagement #rogersoutage

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