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Feb 10, 2022
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Thank you, Raksha, for your campaign to get legal status for Ontario’s week of appreciation for the nonprofit sector. You must be thrilled that the first annual event starts on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.
You and I met and worked together as directors on the board of Family Service Toronto. I know how much you value these unsung organizations and their staff. Glad you ensured that we’ll all recognize their work every February from now on.

Counting down to the first ever Week of Appreciation for the Nonprofit Sector in Ontario.......the Nonprofit Sector includes many of the services organizations we frequent and enjoy including...:arts and culture, housing, sports and recreation, faith, child development, community health care, social services the environment, and more. Nonprofits are at the forefront of advocating and making change for a greener, more equitable economy and an inclusive society." #InvisibleChampions